Couple thoughts on this last Sunday in August, as I start to dig into the details of the city’s proposed budget

First, props to those I’ve seen aggressively protest their #propertytaxes πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I’ve seen a couple big victories. What saddens me, as always, is the time required for #citizens to do this. I’m realistic about the ultimate, ideal goal of abolishing them altogether. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth my full energies (see my “Issues” page). I can’t do it alone though. The more voices for the 100% correct solution, the better.

That leads me to number two. Over lunch with a supporter and potential volunteer a few weeks back, the topic turned to cutting #spending. He astutely brought up the point of entrenched interests, and not just #bureaucrats. “You know they’ll resist.” I’d be surprised if they didn’t. However, when you have to steal from others to fund those programs*, that automatically makes them illegitimate and indefensible. Make the #grievancehustlers defend THAT FIRST!

Lastly, I made the point to the council on May 11th that, when you want less of something (#investment, which brings about new businesses, #job creation, etc.), you tax it. When you want more of something (#poverty), you #subsidize it (the city’s Ready to Work program, for example). Know what else is more likely in the presence of poverty? #crime. Food for thought.


* That’s not hyperbole. How many of you would pay property (or income, for that matter) taxes if you didn’t have to? Hence, #taxationistheft)

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