Chris Baecker and his 4 daughters

Chris Baecker (the “a” is silent) is a native of Victoria, TX. It’s a town just big enough to have its own TV station, but small enough so that Chris grew up watching Chris Marrou, Dan Cook and Albert Flores deliver the nightly news on KENS5.

After spending time in Dallas, he moved here at the turn of the century, and to district 6 in 2008. Though working in the energy industry has fed his family, economics has fed his curiosity. After earning a masters from UTSA, he returned to the classroom to teach.

At Northwest Vista College in district 6, he guides students to a better understanding of how the market works, the opportunity cost of their actions, incentives and consequences, etc. His proudest achievements however, are those of his four daughters.

A top 10 graduate in the Earl Warren Class of 2021, his oldest is entering her junior year at UT-Austin. Her next two sisters are in the National Junior Honor Society and top 2% of their classes, respectively. They also captain the EW Color Guard. Their youngest sister is a straight-A student at Jack Jordan Middle School. Like her oldest sister, she plays baritone in the band.

When he has a moment to unwind from all that, he likes to listen to heavy metal, hard rock and disco. Sometimes, he plays along on his bass guitar. If the T.V. is turned on, it’s usually tuned to the “Great British Baking Show.”