Turning campaign donations into city contracts


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Lawyers creating work for other lawyers at taxpayer expense


Campaign donations from groups promoting human rights is fine, in my opinion.  Donations from those who are/might be up for lucrative city contracts is not.  They give the impression that donors get a ‘fast-pass’ to the front of the line, while small businesses are trying to survive.  This puts them at a greater disadvantage since they don’t have the time, or can’t afford a line-item in their budget for “lobbying.”    Here is my explanation.


Raising taxes

What Councilwoman Havrda claims …

What she did … 

FY 2023 Budget

The councilwoman claims she raised property tax exemptions for all, especially certain groups, like veterans and senior citizens.  And she did.  But based on meeting with some of them while visiting neighborhoods, they’re still miffed by the fact that overall taxes were raised.  Moreover, they tell me about cracks and potholes in the road, that they’ve been a lists for repairs for years, but nothing.  “Why am I still paying taxes??”  See my arguments against this.


Going easy on aggressive animals

Council Consideration Request.


Seizing citizens’ private property


Eminent domain is the natural conclusion to the city and other governing entities taxing the roofs over our heads.  It sends a chilling signal that if we don’t keep up with appraised values, made artificial by their cronies making poor monetary policy in Washington D.C., our homes AND our businesses may be at risk.  Here’s my argument against this.